About the Purrz.75

You love dynamic flying, the rush of speed and the FPV experience?

Then the Purrz.75 is for you!

The Purrz.75 is a high performance model aircraft with neutral flight characteristics which follows controls precisely .

From cruising to high speed chase the Purrz.75 is your tool to simply enjoy FPV flight or to get your kicks.

With it’s compact size and durable sleek GRP Shell it fits neatly in its reusable shipping box.

Purrz.75 Specifications

For remote control you need Elevons and throttle. The GRP shell allows for hidden antennas both of the rc receiver and the FPV unit.

Wingspan:               75 cm
Length:                    32,5 cm
Height:                    15 cm
Wing Area:              6,45 dm²
Flying weight:        290 g - 370 g (over 400 g to 500 g experts only)

Empty weight:       180 g ±5%)
Aspect Ratio:         8,68
Propeller:               APC 5x7,5E (recommended)

Servos:                   maximal 11,5 mm thick

Battery:                  40 mm x 40 mm x 90 mm max

Center of gravity:  102 mm from leading edge at the root

Elevator:                +2,5 mm; -1,5 mm (gauge included)

Ailerons:                ±5 mm (gauge included)

Configure your powertrain:


Recommended setup for speed:

Motor:         2208 - 2306  (2300 kV)

Battery:       4s LiPo  (900 mAh, min. 80C)

ESC:             45 A

Top speed:  290 km/h (APC 5x7,5E)


Recommended setup for long range:

Motor:          1806 - 2205  (2300 kV)

Battery:       2s Li-Ion 18650 (constant current ~ 10 Ampere)

ESC:              20 A

Top speed:  140 - 150 km/h (APC 5x7,5E)


Recommended setup for light weight:

Motor:          2204 - 2207  (2300 kV)

Battery:        3s LiPo (800 mAh)

ESC:              25 A

Top speed:  200 - 220 km/h (APC 5x7,5E)